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Seven Break Gel NEO For 7 Days


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  • Model: Seven Break NEO Gel
FOR ALL WOMEN WHO...want to shape up body quickly and easilywant to treat swollen bodycare about cellulite Usage: This product is applied to the needed parts of the body, slightly massage the body, cream. Absorption becomes body heat in 5 minutes, with the weight-loss level of medical,...
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want to shape up body quickly and easily
want to treat swollen body
care about cellulite


This product is applied to the needed parts of the body, slightly massage the body, cream. Absorption becomes body heat in 5 minutes, with the weight-loss level of medical, has a quick effect. Simply apply where you want to slim down,  absorbs quickly, the body will feel the unit heat, that fat burning, cleaning-free.Do not use body slimming cream face, around the eyes, skin injuries-breaking place. Skinny arms, skinny legs, thin pot, going to have thin thin!

This paragraph has been the Japan artists model of sector-specific weight-loss products. Its effects are numerous recommendations. Now begin to enter Japan market in General, became immediately popular best selling products. As long as the set in just 7 days, you can see the effects of this slimming gel play.

Do not need to go on a diet without movement, without side effects. Meet the local effects of leptin, which part of the thin, you can smudge where. At the same time can also be combined with taking weight-loss products, more intensive weight-loss effects. Apply and massage, and after 5 minutes, will start to heat hot, begin to accelerate the burning of subcutaneous fat. Delicate skin, start with small smudge, adapts slowly, and then expand the scope of smearing.

In addition to downsizing, gel combined with a skin care ingredient of hyaluronic acid, tea extracts, Aloe Vera. Water moistens, makes the skin glow and exquisite vitality and luster.
Last look, Japan consumer after the overall star rating: 60 copies of the evaluation, there were 46 people feel the effect more obvious. 13 people feel there is a certain effect. Praise rate 98%!

When products do not meet your skin, discontinue use. Also, if in use, after using the redness, swelling, itching, irritation or any other dermatologist to consult. Can worsen symptoms and continue to be used.

How to save:

Keep in cool and dry place, avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.

After opening as much as possible ahead of time do not use.

It dries inside close Cap tightly and we also have.


Do not smear the wound, eczema, swelling and abnormal parts

If you have allergies, irritation, stimulate, theory and abnormal, please stop using

If it gets in your eyes, please rinse

After use, please save the lid tightly and not placed in direct sunlight

Long after emplacement, gel colors darker, does not affect the quality of goods and can be safely

Water, ethanol, aloe vera juice-1, glycerin, witch hazel leaf extract, lysolecithin, DPG, capsicum extract, Euglena extract, caffeine, Guraushin, flavan leaf extract, tea leaf extract, Na hyaluronic acid, Matecha leaf extract, coffee seed extract, PEG-60 glyceryl fatty acid almond, cetyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, alkyl glucoside, coconut oil caprylyl glycol, sorbitan laurate, lauroyl proline, orange oil, K hydroxide, carbomer, menthol, BG, quinoa seed extract, methylparaben, fragrance


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by Bailey Hufford

Best cream i ever had, will order more soon!!!