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Cassia Seeds Tea of "Jiema", one of the celebrated brands recoded in "China Selected Tonic Products Guide" compiled by China Healthcare Science&Technology Institute(CHSTI), is a tonic drink which prevents and cures various ophthalmic diseases and constipation and is an indispensable product for controlling and reducing blood lipoids(or for losing weight) and blood pressure. Being processed in a special way, the product is free from side effects.

Regular use of Cassia seeds tea ensures a normal blood pressure, smooth bowel and easies off presbyopia and vertigo.

Patients with low blood pressure are suggested to avoid taking the product while people have watery bowels have to take the product with care.

Ingredients: Cassia seeds.

Directions: 5-10g each time. mix the Cassia seeds with boiled water. Keep adding water while drinking tillĀ it gets light in color and weak in flavour.

Contains: 100g Cassia Seeds Tea

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