Placenta-Collagen With Ceramids & Bio Gold Face&Neck Masks

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 - The World Leader Of Cosmetic Innovative Masks For Face And Body.

There are more then 60 different products available in more than 10 categories. Instant and long lasting effect guaranteed!

It is a soft and safe alternative to plastic surgery
High quality of the products achieved by modern technologies and careful choice of the active components and raw materials.

Uniqueness of the mask is the action of peptide complex, that relaxes the muscles in state of hypertension, which allows to eliminate even the deepest mimic wrinkles and to increase the penetration of the active components of the mask to deep skin layers.
New generation cosmetics: registered two-stage method — face and neck BOTOmask ® and BOTOserum the wrinkle smoothing result is achieved after the first application. 

Compatible with any skin-care program
Do not cause addiction.
Suitable for all skin types

Innovation: Patented Stretch Clothe Mask fits perfectly and allows to move freely!!!

1st STAGE: professional PLACENTA_COLLAGEN Face and Neck mask

Fights the main skin ageing problems: lack of tone and elasticity, decrease of firmness, dehydration, deep wrinkles. The mask nourishes and moisturises the skin intensely, strengthens cellular metabolism, activates collagen and elastin synthesis, has a visible lifting effect. As a result the skin tightens, wrinkles are smoothed out, facial contours are restored.

Ingredients:Sheep placenta extract, collagen, hualuronic acid, pearl powder, salvia extract, lavender extract, vitamins C, E
Drections:Put the mask on carefully cleaned skin for 15 minutes. Then remove the mask and rinse your face with water.For best result apply daily during 12 days then 1-2 times a week.

2nd STAGE: ceramides with bio gold

The presence of ceramides in the epidermis is necessary to keep the skin young. Ceramides act as a barrier retaining moisture and nourishing substances to support the skin from inside. The triple action of ceramides with bio gold:
1- securing the mask’s effect by restoring the lepidic layer of the skin, 
2- providing maximum and prolonged moisturising 
3- preventing ageing of skin. 

Ingredients:Ceramides 3, biogold,collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitaminsC,B5,E,glycerin, glacial water. 

Directions : After using the mask ,apply a light, even layer of ceramids, leave on your skin until fully absorbed.

Contains: 1 box of 10 masks

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